Dance Improv, Live!

32 Years ~ And Still Going Strong . . .


Come find out what all the love is about...

First Fridays throughout 2017 (except July & August)
8:00-10:00 PM
Princeton Center for Yoga and Health
Bare feet - Comfy clothes - Live music!
Come turn stretches into dance, and connection into community
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"Drag in Friday Evening . . . Bounce out Friday Night!"

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Dance Improv, Live! is a lightly structured evening of self-expression through movement and live music. It's a bare-feet, comfy-clothes, free-movement workshop with live music---a Princeton institution which is nationally recognized and which has shaped and inspired the lives of thousands of people.

Dance Improv is a place to move and be moved, a place to play, build community, and form new and lasting friendships. With the help of a light structure and live music, participants make contact with themselves and others through fresh and creative motion. It's meditation, exercise, and healing all rolled into one joyous evening! Beginners welcome---come share your energy and get hooked on the event that has connected people from New York to Philly for 30 years.

Image of Catherine Judd, Founder and Artistic Director

Catherine Judd, Founder/Artistic Director, created Dance Improv after completing degrees in French, Philosophy, and Theater at Dickinson College and studying Psychology at Princeton University, Orgonomy at NYU, creative movement at Group Motion, and music improvisation with friend and colleague David Darling, with whom she helped found Music for People. In 1985, she synthesized all of these into a lightly structured workshop for self-expression through creative movement, adding live music in 1987 and renaming it (with intentional double-entendre), Dance Improv, Live!

A Note from Catherine:

Our sparkling co-leader and favorite dancing sprite Sue Saponara always needs the help of a few extra hands to produce our dance evenings. So if you'd like to help---or would simply like discounted admission!---we will be grateful. Thank you!