What people are saying about Dance Improv, Live!

I'm hooked. I have to move and I love to move and I've found no safer place for a full expression of myself in dance than with the people and music at Dance Improv. It's like a gift---a taste of freedom for my body. The blending of energies from dancers and musicians is so complete that it's almost magical.

I come to Dance Improv primarily to play. I enjoy the movement- the music- and the people. It is the perfect antidote to a busy work and life schedule. It also enables me to touch a part of myself which is very playful and joyous and not easily expressed in our everyday formal world. To me Dance Improv's uniqueness is the package it offers of live music- freedom of movement- and the open and friendly people who are there.  That combination is *hard* to come by.
--Bob S.

I'm sorry to have found your group so late in the season, having gone to your second-to-last gathering as my first time, but I'm very glad I did! My friend Susan convinced me to try dancing in this setting and I truly enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to your fall sessions!


I found that dancing helped me become less self-conscious about moving my body. The less self-conscious I became the more spontaneous I became about dancing and moving. The spontaneity was very enjoyable.  To my surprise I found this spontaneity carried over to my everyday life in conversation, socially and at work.

I'm addicted and don't intend to quit! Non-verbal expression gets me out of my head where I spend far too much time. The shared energy of the participants creates a space that has to be experienced (too hard to describe in words): sometimes magical--always enjoyable. The lack of structure: what structure there is generally feels very comfortable. The live music. The freedom to express what I feel in movement (or stillness) in a safe place. People can get in touch with themselves here.

I was only able to attend Dance Improv two times in Princeton but was utterly enthralled by how I felt during and after the event. I have accepted a new job with the Kansas Dept. of Education as Director of Staff Development and would love to help launch a dance improv here in Lawrence or Topeka.

I love to abandon myself with improvisation, live music, and others. I like to unwind like this, especially Friday nights. I also like the people who come. It's fun to have others to play with in this way. There's nothing quite like it around.

I go to Dance Improv to vent--to move--to move with others--to touch and be touched--to listen to the music--to hear the spirits of other people in movement; to hear and wrestle with my own interior. Where else would you do these things? Church? NOT!

Dance Improv is my therapy. I love to move freely. I love to move (and sometimes vocalize) with others and to meet with friends. It's a place where you can be yourself and express yourself with others.
--Bob R.

Thank you Catherine.  You are such a gentle & supportive soul! I pray nothing gets in the way of the wonderful panacea that you have created with Dance Improv.  It has/is a life sustaining event that I cherish. Thank you again!
--Love, Amala

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